About us

Gecko Landmarks makes location based services relevant and interesting for the majority of the world population.

We offer text based landmark data, services and applications. Our data covers every country in the world with highly accurate local landmarks, and is used in an increasing amount of applications to create location services with mass market appeal.

We help overcome the the main challenges the traditional digital map based location services in emerging markets:

Management team

Pasi Riipinen, CEO - Founder of Gecko Landmarks and Tramigo. Over 20 years practical experience of successful geographical data development and business management in emerging countries. Pasi has already brought the landmarks concept into tracking and fleet management with Tramigo. With Gecko Landmarks, he is doing the same for mobile phones and internet based LBS services.

Asmo Soinio, CTO - co-founder of Gecko Landmarks, 14 years of experience specializing in mobile and location technologies, focusing on software. Previously with Nokia and Tramigo. Father of three children, passionate about beautiful code, mobile apps, snowboarding, kiteboarding and disc golf.

  enable the
majority of
   the world
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