Gecko Finder for Mobile Operators

The only mass market Family & Friend Finder for every country: Uses landmark location that is understood by everybody, works in every phone.

Key commands for the user

  • FIND 0212345678 Laura - nothing will happen until the sms receiver accepts the new locator. Second time “FIND Laura” command is sufficient
  • STOP – cancels all the locators and “STOP 0212345678” cancels one specific locator
  • LIST – who can locate me, who can I locate
  • Once a month I receive a list who can locate me provided that I was located by somebody during the previous month
  • Automatic language change by using command in preferred language e.g. “BUSCA” instead of “FIND” will change the language to Spanish

How it works:

Gecko Finder Intro

Technical architecture

Key technical characteristics of Gecko Finder:

  • Cost efficient and high scalability cloud service
  • Telecom reliability 99.995% with geographically distributed cold standby
  • Localized with multiple languages (UNICODE)
  • Integration to operator's network for Premium SMS and Location information either directly with operators (SMSC, MLP/GMLC) or through aggregating partners
  • Management tools with versatile statistics and reporting
  • Implements industry best practices for privacy