Landmark API

Our Landmark API offers mobile Internet companies landmark data enabling their users to enjoy location information in a format that is commonly understood everywhere in the world. This will form fundamentally richer user experience and meaningful way to communicate location that is compatible with all the Internet capable handsets.

Landmark API example

Key Service Features

  • Location in text format that is understandable by everyone
  • Best coverage in all the countries with special focus on emerging markets
  • Best accuracy due to professional placement of landmarks and frequent updates
  • Easy to use HTTP-based API that returns the closest landmarks based on latitude and longitude (i.e. from GPS, cell-id or WLAN)
  • Default format is JSON, also other formats are available (KML, KMZ, CSV)
  • Runs on Google App Engine, which provides very good reliability and scalability
  • 24/7 monitoring using Pingdom and a backup service

Landmark API Description