Local Landmarks utilised in Stanford University Health Care study in China

4 October 2016

Gecko’s Local Landmarks was used as main geodata in the recent study of Stanford University: Impact of Predicting Health Care Utilization Via Web Search Behavior: A Data-Driven Analysis.

The Study utilised Gecko Landmarks' application program interface (API), which takes the latitude and longitude as input and outputs the 10 closest landmarks to this referenced location ranked by distance along with name and category labels for each landmark. Of all available geodata types and formats, Gecko’s local landmark data had the best fit and coverage for the study.

Statistical models were built to predict the probability of user’s future visit to a medical facility using effective predictors of health care resource utilisation extracted from a deidentified dataset of geotagged mobile Internet search logs representing searches made by users of the Baidu search engine between March and May 2015.

The study publication can be found here:

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