Glo Finder on the map

26 June 2014

Globacom Nigeria and Gecko Landmarks have launched a new Glo Finder app that shows locations also on a map.

Although landmarks are the fastest, the most straightforward and the least expensive way to convey a location, there are situations where it is useful and important to visualize location on a map. The nearest landmark is of course also included.

Now Glo Finder users are always on the map, which makes Glo Finder use more exciting and more fun. With the new Glo Finder smartphone application, you can also use all other Glo Finder functions effortlessly and easily.

In the near future, the same application will be available for all operator's that are providing Gecko Finder range of products in Africa.

Glo Finder smartphone application is available for all Android phones from Google Play.

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About Globacom

Globacom Limited is Africa's fastest growing telecommunications company. Owned by the Mike Adenuga Group, Globacom is the market leading mobile service provider in Nigeria. Globacom also operates in the Republic of Benin and has recently acquired licenses to operate in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It has a reputation as one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the world. Globacom Limited aims to be recognized as the biggest and best mobile network in Africa. More information about Globacom:

About Gecko Landmarks

Gecko Landmarks offers the only mass market person finder service and global landmark data. The uniqueness of Gecko's finder service is based on landmark location and superior ease of use. The majority of the world population doesn’t use maps or exact addresses as they use landmarks to navigate. Mobile operators in emerging countries work with Gecko Landmarks offering the finder service to their subscribers. Learn more about Gecko Landmarks at

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