Globacom Nigeria launches Finder service

31 December 2013

Globacom is proud to bring the first Family & Friends Finder service to Nigerians

Globacom Family & Friends Finder enables subscribers to check the location of family members and friends. This helps to plan safety of the family members proactively giving peace of mind. One can also alert others with his or her location if help is needed. Close friends can share their location conveniently without disrupting the other ones with calls. Companies can use this service to optimize operations by locating employees on the go enabling to send the closest driver, sales representative, field engineer to perform a certain task and so on.

Globacom Family & Friends Finder works in every phone. Locations are defined with landmarks that are locally well-known places such as prominent buildings, parks, market places etc. Globacom Family & Friends Finder is easy to use with simple text commands that are sent to the shortcode 5511. User privacy is fully protected, as only if there is consent the other person can locate another one. If a person doesn’t provide consent, one cannot be located by others.

"Location based services are emerging in the region and Finder type of service has mass market appeal and is expected to be the most important revenue driver within mobile operator’s location based services portfolio." said Osmo Korri, CCO, Gecko Landmarks.

Glo Friends & Family Finder homepage

About Globacom

Globacom Limited is Africa's fastest growing telecommunications company. Owned by the Mike Adenuga Group, Globacom is the market leading mobile service provider in Nigeria. Globacom also operates in the Republic of Benin and has recently acquired licenses to operate in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It has a reputation as one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the world. Globacom Limited aims to be recognized as the biggest and best mobile network in Africa. More information about Globacom:

About Gecko Landmarks

Gecko Landmarks offers the only mass market person finder service and global landmark data. The uniqueness of Gecko's finder service is based on landmark location and superior ease of use. The majority of the world population doesn’t use maps and exact addresses as they use landmarks to navigate. Gecko's landmark data covers every country of the world. Mobile operators in emerging countries work with Gecko Landmarks offering the finder service to their subscribers. Learn more about Gecko Landmarks at

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