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26 February 2013

Spot sales picked up in all emerging markets

Tramigo and Gecko Landmarks co-developed Spot mobile phone application to enhance employee tracking to widen Tramigo’s product selection according to proven customer demand. Spot application continues the strengths of Tramigo’s business model that relies on landmark location, lowest operational costs of tracking and high quality products.

Spot was soft-launched in December 2012 through several Tramigo distributors in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. After having received extensive end-user feedback, Spot features were fine-tuned to be closely aligned with customer needs. Customer feedback indicates that Spot offers the following unique value:

  • No monthly fees, one-off payment
  • Tracking available on any phone
  • Landmark location understood by everybody
  • Tracking enabled without data connection
  • All key advanced tracking features available; such as find, periodic find, zone alarms, trip reports, SOS etc.
  • No server used for tracking: location is delivered directly with SMS between your own devices only
  • Compatible with all other Tramigo products for existing Tramigo users

The main markets appear as wide spread as with Tramigo’s other products. Having high variety of countries where customers purchase Spot across several industries all suggest that Spot sales growth is only at early stage. Currently Spot is available on Android phones but based on the received market response Tramigo and Gecko Landmarks are planning to extend Spot to other mobile operating system platforms. Most end-users are among small and medium sized companies where manager is able to track the location of employees on the go and ensure high operational effectiveness. Several case studies are available from Tramigo sales.

About Tramigo

Tramigo is a company of private capital with its headquarters in Finland and subsidiaries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Tramigo manufactures cost efficient personal asset tracking devices that are easy to use, useful for the end-users in everyday life and economical to use. Tramigo products are globally available. More information here:

About Gecko Landmarks

Gecko Landmarks offers location-based services to emerging markets. Gecko’s landmark data covers every country with high accuracy. The landmark data is needed to enable emerging market people to access and use location-based services in a meaningful way. Gecko’s landmark data is already being used in all the largest markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Gecko Landmarks offers Gecko Finder, Landmark API and employee tracking application. Learn more about Gecko Landmarks at

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