$1m investment in Gecko Landmarks

15 June 2012

First Corporation invests in Gecko Landmarks

Espoo, Finland – Gecko Landmarks, location data and application provider announced a $1 million investment in the company to accelerate product development and commercialization.

Gecko Landmarks empowers location-based services to mobile applications and is compatible with all 6 billion mobile phones. Geckoʼs magic is based on landmarks that cover the whole world with high accuracy.

Currently less than 20% of the mobile subscribers are using location services and 60% of the mobile phone users who are not using would like to access location services. The gap between the reality and aspiration is at its widest in Asia, Africa and Latin America as 5 billion feature phones remain without location services. Geckoʼs landmarks are proven to close this gap.

Gecko Landmarks is currently working with several technology companies and social networks enhancing location services for millions of users.

"Gecko Landmarks is able to gear up to change the location services industry where it is needed the most. We aim at improving lives of consumers with our customers by providing a universally understood solution that can reach everybody who carries a mobile phone," says Pasi Riipinen, CEO, Gecko Landmarks.

About Gecko Landmarks

Gecko Landmarks offers landmark-based location services. Gecko's landmark data covers every country with high accuracy. The landmark data is needed to enable every mobile phone to access and use location-based services. Geckoʼs approach offers consumers instant understanding of the location. Location technology, social network and mobile phone companies plug in landmark data to enhance user experience. Learn more about Gecko Landmarks at

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